WJSN’s Bona confirmed for new drama

WJSN member and actress Bona to join “Twenty-Five Twenty-One.”

Her agency King Kong by Starship said to Newsen on June 29th, “Bona has confirmed her appearance on ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’.”

tvN’s new drama ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ is a love story between a man and a woman who meet amid social turmoil set in 1998. While actors Kim Taeri and Nam Joohyuk are considering positively, Bona plays the role of Go Yurim, a fencing team member of Taeyang High School in the national fencing team.

Previously, Bona has starred in KBS’ dramas “Homemade Love Story” (2020), “Your House Helper” (2018), “Girls’ Generation 1979” (2017), and “Hit the Top” (2017).

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