TWICE announces the release of first English single “The Feels”

TWICE will take a bigger leap forward with their first English single.

JYP Entertainment revealed a teaser image on TWICE’s official SNS channel on August 2 and 4, making fans wonder what it was about. At 1 p.m. on the 6th, an additional teaser was posted to announce the release of the first English single, “The Feels.”

The teaser is a letter that invites fans to the prom party “The Feels” with TWICE’s logo and the phrase “Where are we going tonight?” written in it. Starting with the news of the release of its first English single, “The Feels,” JYP plans to release teasers and information about the new song soon.

TWICE proved their worldwide popularity by sweeping various overseas charts, including Billboard, with the 10th mini album “Taste of Love,” released on June 11.

With their latest album “Taste of Love,” they entered Billboard’s main chart “Billboard 200” on June 26, setting the highest record for a mini-album released by a K-pop girl group. It also ranked ninth on another Billboard main chart, “Artist 100,” and ranked first on the U.S. Billboard’s “World Album” chart, 90th on July 10, and 67th on the Billboard’s “Artist 100” chart for three consecutive weeks. It ranked sixth on the U.S. Rolling Stone Albums Chart and drew attention with 7.3 points, the highest rating by a K-pop group, from the global music webzine Pitchfork, and was praised as “one of K-pop’s best summer albums.”

TWICE is also gaining popularity in Japan on its fourth anniversary this year. Japan’s third full-length album “Perfect World” on July 28, topped the Oricon daily album chart on the same day, and the music video, which was released with the song, surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in three days and 30 million views at 3:28 p.m. on the 5th, a week after its release. The title song of the seventh mini-album “FANCY YOU,” released in April 2019, recently surpassed 100 million streams in Billboard Japan.


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