T-ara announces they are preparing for a comeback

Group T-ARA announced their comeback

T-ara hosted a party for their 12th anniversary through Naver’s Vlive on July 29.On that day, T-ara announced they will comeback this year.

Hyomin said, “We will make a comeback before the first snow,” and Jiyeon added, “We are very busy moving around without a company. We will be able to meet more often in the future,” she said, raising expectations.

Hyomin said, “Today’s V LIVE should be over, but in fact, today’s T-ARA activity starts. “We will be careful of COVID-19 and prepare well for our activities.”

Eunjung also added, “Please support T-ara’s activities, which will begin on the 12th anniversary.”

This marks the first time in about four years since the 2017 release of “My Name”.

Meanwhile, T-ara recently appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” as a complete group and started to resume their activities.


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