Sunmi’s company will take legal action against malicious comments

ABYSS COMPANY has decided to take legal action against malicious commenters to protect their singer Sunmi.

Abyss Company said on its official SNS on the 13th, “Based on the notice posted in August 2019, we took strict legal action against malicious comments, personal attacks, and insults, and malicious commenters were fined.” Nevertheless, we have recently confirmed a number of malicious posts accompanied by insults.

“To protect the rights and interests of our artists, we plan to take strong legal action without any leniency for malicious acts that violate the artist’s rights.”

In addition, they expressed their willingness to continue strong follow-up measures by also receiving reports from fans.

Meanwhile, Sunmi introduced a more colorful “Sunmi Pop” through her third mini-album “1/6” released in August, and on the 30th, she will hold a concert “GOOD GIRL GONE MAD” online for the first time in two years.


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