Sunmi to make a comeback in August

Singer Sunmi is to comeback with a new song in August.

According to what her agency Abyss Company told Newsen on July 14th, “Sunmi is preparing a new album with the goal of coming back in August. We are planning to further announce the detailed schedule soon.”

Sunmi’s comeback comes six months after her single album “Tail” released in February. Sunmi has become a representative solo female singer, making a name for herself with distinct colors and varied performances with each song released, including “Gashina,” “Heroine,” “Siren” and “pporappippam.”

Expectations are high on what concept and song Sunmi, who has consistently participated in writing and composing to prove her ability as a singer-songwriter, will be able to show this time.

Meanwhile, Sunmi will appear as a K-Pop Master alongside Tiffany Young in Mnet’s global project “Girls Planet 999,” which will premiere on August 6.


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