STAYC’s mini album “Stereotype” surpasses 100k copies in a week

The group STAYC surpassed 100,000 initial sales for the first time since its debut.

According to Hanteo Chart, a domestic record sales website on the 13th, STAYC’s first mini-album “STEREOTYPE,” which was released on the 6th, recorded 114,203 copies of initial sales (September 6th to September 12th).

On the first day of the album’s release alone, StayC recorded a total of 43,617 copies, breaking 35,518 copies of its second single “STAYDOM,” which was their highest initial record.

As a result, StayC succeeded in stepping on the 100,000 initial sales mark, only 10 months after their official debut. In particular, the initial sales of more than 100,000 single albums are all the more surprising in that the group is the first and only record among girl groups that debuted in 2020.


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