Sistar’s Soyou signs an exclusive contract with Big Planet Made

Singer Soyou will announce a new start in Big Planet Made (BPM), a new entertainment company.

Choi Jaeho, CEO of Big PlanetMade, said on the 29th, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Soyou. She is the first artist of Big Planet Made”.

He then expressed his ambition, saying, “We will grow into an entertainment company with our own story in a new way by producing promising new groups along with a systematic system in the future.”

Soyou also shared on her SNS that day, “I left Starship, which I had been with for a long time, and joined a new company called BPM Entertainment. We will greet you with various activities so that we can give good energy to our fans who always send us a lot of support and love. Please continue to support and look forward to it”.

Soyou, who was considered the biggest FA player in the music industry, has been loved not only as in the girl group Sistar but also as a solo vocalist. Soyou, who has various OSTs and many hit songs, has received love calls from major music agencies since her contract expired.


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