Singer Jeon Somi to return with new music on August 2nd

Singer Jeon Somi is to have a comeback after one year.

The Black Label revealed on July 14th that, “Jeon Somi will release a new album on August 2nd.”

Somi’s comeback will be roughly a year since she released “What You Waiting For” in July of last year.

Somi’s “What You Waiting For” ranked at the top of iTunes K-pop charts in nine countries and regions around the world. She also became a top singer in the industry while taking the #1 place at Mnet’s MCountdown.

The music video views also exceeded 10 million views on YouTube as Somi proved her worth as the “Nation’s Center” reborn as a solo artist.

Jeon Somi has continued her smooth rise with every album released such as “BIRTHDAY” and “What You Waiting For.” Expectations are growing over what new charms Jeon Somi, who has built her unique musical color with her “self-produced solos,” will show with her new album after a year’s time.

Jeon Somi is now speeding up her last minute preparations for the new album.


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