Rocket Punch will hold a showcase in Japan for their debut

Rocket Punch has made their Japanese debut.

Rocket Punch released their first Japanese mini-album “Bubble Up!” on August 4.

The title song, “Bubble Up!” is a song about the excitement of a new beginning and the sparkling summer.

The “Bubble Up!” music video was re-released on the 14th of last month and received enthusiastic responses. In particular, “Bubble Up!” is expected to draw more attention as it has been selected as the ending theme of Nihon TV’s flagship entertainment program “Downtown DX.”

Rocket Punch has been receiving explosive attention even before its official debut. Earlier, Rocket Punch’s debut news in Japan marked the main page of Yahoo Japan, the largest portal site, as well as the documentary “Rocket Punch Fly to Japan,” which aired on Japanese ABEMA TV, became popular and heralded a “hot debut.”Rocket Punch will make its official debut in Japan and carry out unusual promotions. Through collaboration with Shibuya 109’s drugstore PJ_C and skincare products, Rocket Punch will further strengthen their position.

Rocket Punch’s debut showcase in Japan will be broadcast live on Abema TV at 5 p.m. on the 8th.

Suyun said, “We are working hard for our debut showcase. I was very nervous, but now that the debut is approaching, I feel more excited. “We will show you a fun and happy Rocket Punch on stage.”

Kyungeun said, “I am happy to make my dream debut in Japan, and I am even more nervous because we have a showcase coming up. My goal is to show everything I prepared at the showcase,”


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