Red Velvet makes long-awaited comeback with “Queendom”

Red Velvet is back as the “Summer Queens”.

Red Velvet’s new song “Queendom,” which signals the return of the “Summer Queens” with the refreshing yet cheerful addictive nature.

Red Velvet released new mini-album “Queendom” at 6 p.m. on the 16th. They are once again proving her potential and presence through their new album title song “Queendom.” It combines addictive melodies and cheerful vocals just by listening to it once, completing a summer song that suits this season.

This is their first new album in a year and eight months. Red Velvet, which has been writing summer box office hits through “Red Flavor,” “Power Up,” and “Umpah Umpah,” has once again filled the album with songs that suit their summer tastes.

The title song “Queendom” is a refreshing pop dance song with dreamy plots and brass riffs on a colorful synth base, featuring addictive hooks and bright and cheerful vocals from Red Velvet. The vocals of the refreshing and cheerful Red Velvet members convey bright energy just by listening to them. The addictive chorus is the point of “Queendom”. Red Velvet’s summer song is expected to boost listeners’ excitement this summer.

The lyrics of “Queendom” contain the message that we are all the “Queens” of our lives and that we shine more beautifully together. It delivers good energy with a positive message of support in the present, which is a difficult time for everyone.


Watch the new music video down below!

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