Purple Kiss joins Weverse

Purple Kiss debuted in March this year with the release of its first mini album, “INTO VIOLET.” While performing activities with the album, the girl group gained attention as a “balance idol” who combines excellent vocal and performance skills, as well as writing lyrics, composing, and choreography creation skills. Before their official debut, the group opened an official YouTube channel to release their own content such as cover videos and choreography videos, while releasing two pre-debut singles before their debut and performing various concepts, making the girl group one of the most anticipated stars of 2021.

Purple Kiss surpassed 12,000 copies (based on Hanteo Chart) in the first week of its release with its first mini album, recording the highest number of girl groups that debuted from 2020 to March 2021, with more than 20 million views on YouTube of the title song “Ponzona.” It plans to expand its global influence by joining Weverse ahead of the release of its second mini album “HIDE & SEEK” on September 8.


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