Over 2.22 million people watched live the first episode of “Girls Planet 999”

The popularity of Mnet’s new global project “Girls Planet 999” at home and abroad is already shocking.

“Girl Planet 999” first aired at 8:20 p.m. on the 6th. According to Mnet, more than 2.22 million viewers around the world, including Japan, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, watched the first broadcast together. The figures include ABEMA TV (ABEMA TV) in Japan, IQiyi (iQiyi) in 13 Southeast Asian regions, and YouTube TV in other regions.

Global interest in ‘Girl Planet 999’ was hot even before the broadcast. The number of video views soared whenever a video clip was released that heralded its first broadcast on YouTube. Mnet announced that the cumulative number of views of the “Girl’s Planet 999” video, which was aggregated on YouTube as of the 9th, exceeded 62.66 million views.

In particular, while the participants’ unit performance video generated explosive responses after the first episode, the unit performance video of “Burn Crush,” K group Choi Yujin and 4Minute’s “Crazy” performance exceeded 2 million views.

In addition, the performance videos of K-group “Malley Kongtteok,” CLC’s “Helicopter” performance, J-group “Crystal Girls” and (G)I-DLE’s “DUMDI DUMDI” performance exceeded 1 million views in a short period of time.

“Girls Planet 999” topped the entertainment category in the 5th week of July’s content impact evaluation index (CPI), which was released on the 9th, and also ranked first in the entertainment rankings in the RACOI (Broadcast Content Value Information Analysis System), which is operated by the Korea Communications Commission. It is also first as a non-drama topic in the first week of August, which was compiled by Good Data Corporation.

The production team of “Girls Planet” said, “Thank you for showing a lot of interest to the participants from the first broadcast,” adding, “The girls who started their first mission after the exploration will show the story of a team.”

“Since it was the first broadcast, we made a special 150 minutes to show the skills and charms of the participants in the project. From the second episode, it will be 90 minutes.”

Girl’s Planet is a global project that depicts 99 girls with different languages and cultures coming together to achieve their dreams of being a global K-pop girl group.

The second episode will air tomorrow at 8:20 PM (KST)


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