Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” announces the new TOP9 in 8th episode

On September 24th, Girls Planet 999 aired it’s 8th episode.

Group C’s Shen Xiaoting has become the No. 1 in the new Planet Top 9.

In the eighth episode of Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999: Girls’ Story”, which aired on the 24th, a team combination of “Creation Mission” and a second survivor announcement ceremony were held. Participants’ names were also ranked at the top of the Twitter trend and Yahoo Japan’s real-time trend rankings in all parts of the world, including Korea, the Philippines, the United States, Chile, and Australia, drawing keen attention from global viewers to the new Planet TOP9 rankings and participants’ survival.

The “Creation Mission,” the third mission for girls to continue their challenge for their dreams, was a team combination as a result of Planet Guardians matching girls who match their new songs. The winning team of this mission will receive twice the number of votes in 24 hours before the voting deadline.

The second survival ceremony was held to determine the fate of the girls. The second global vote was 43.65 million votes, about 15.9 million more than the first vote.

The TOP9 is the following:

1 Shen Xiaoting 🇨🇳 (+1)
2 Kawaguchi Yurina 🇯🇵 (-1)
3 Sakamoto Mashiro 🇯🇵 (+2)
4 Ezaki Hikaru 🇯🇵 (-1)
5 Choi Yujin 🇰🇷 (-1)
6 Su Ruiqi 🇨🇳 (-)
7 Huang Xingqiao 🇨🇳 (new)
8 Cai Bing 🇨🇳 (-1)
9 Kim Chaehyun 🇰🇷 (-)

As a result, nine participants representing each group survived the second survival announcement. In the third global vote, the overall global ranking will be without restrictions on the group’s ratio, surviving from the top to the 17th, and only one person, regardless of the group, survives by receiving the Planet Pass. The surviving 18 will advance to the live final stage, which will determine the final debut group. The third global vote will run until 10 a.m. on October 9 (Saturday).

The global girl group debut project “Girls Planet 999” airs every Friday at 8:20 p.m. on Mnet.


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