LOONA’s company is reportedly having financial problems

The financial difficulties of Blockberry Creative, the agency of the group LOONA, have reached a serious level, turning a red light on LOONA’s future activities.

According to multiple music industry officials on the 28th, the unpaid amount of many outsourcing companies and external personnel who have worked with Blockberry Creative is as little as thousands of won and as much as hundreds of millions of won.

These companies and human resources have been faithfully working at the risk of living without being paid for months, but it has been confirmed that hair, makeup, and stylist companies have recently been notified by Blockberry Creative to “stop working.”

In the case of album production, cooperation and participation from various external partners are important, and the operation of Blockberry Creative is making it difficult to proceed with the album production anymore.

According to multiple music industry officials, Blockberry Creative’s financial difficulties have been around for a long time. In particular, the salaries and expenses of employees inside the company, including four major insurance taxes, are reportedly suffering from serious financial difficulties, such as months of delay or not being paid on time.

Blockberry Creative is in a position to make efforts to improve serious financial difficulties amounting to billions of won, including tax, wages and unpaid service costs, but there is no easy way out.

Recently, Chuu, a member of LOONA, has been loved for her activities and cute image, but the company’s financial difficulties have added to fans’ concerns.


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