LOONA to debut in Japan this month

The group LOONA is stepping up its global trend.

According to their agency Blockberry Creative, LOONA confirmed their official debut in Japan on the 15th.

LOONA will pre-release a total of four songs, including “HULA HOP” and “Star Seed-Awakening,” the double title songs of their Japanese debut single, as digital music.”HULA HOOP” was composed by Ryan Jeon, the composer of the title song “PTT (Paint the Town)” of the fourth mini album “&” released in August, and written by AKIRA, Japan’s leading music creator.

In addition, “PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver.),” which was introduced as a pre-debut, and “HULA HOOP City Pop Ver.” are also included.

In particular, LOONA’s Japanese debut single will begin selling its album on October 20 after the digital release.

In addition, global fans’ interest has rapidly increased as it is known that only album buyers will be given a special opportunity to meet LOONA online as an application privilege event.

The girl group will hold an online talk event in Japan to commemorate its official debut on the 14th.


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