LABOUM’s Yujeong has not renewed her contract and will leave the group

The leader of LABOUM, Yujeong, will leave the group.
Yujeong announced on the 8th with a handwritten letter on SNS that she will leave the company.

Yujeong said, “Now that we are in our eighth year, and I and the company have had enough conversations for months since March this year and I have continued to convey my thoughts to the company. The company and I decided to go our own ways,” she said.

“The other members, except for me, decided to renew their contracts and continue their team activities, but I’m going to end the team activities on this 7th anniversary.”

“I can’t believe all the love that “Journey to Atlantis” has received, a song that was released five years ago, and I really want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It was even more like a dream because the contract period was nearing the end,” she said.

“Standing at a big crossroads in my 30-year-old life, I have to think deeply and make careful choices, so I really think, and pray a lot for over a year from last year’s COVID-19 break. I made a difficult decision.”

She left a thank-you message to the members and the company. “I am very grateful to our members Soyeon, ZN, Haein, and Solbin for protecting the team from August 2014 to this moment in August 2021 when we became LABOUM. There were many times when it was difficult to endure because I couldn’t even take good care of myself, but I was able to cheer up thanks to our fans, who always supported us no matter what, and I think I was able to go so far because of them.”

Interpark Music Plus, a subsidiary of Interpark, announced on the 8th that it has recruited LABOUM as their first female idol group. The girl group plans to continue as four with Soyeon, ZN, Haein, and Solbin.


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