LABOUM’s Solbin reportedly discussing to join new drama

Girl group LABOUM’s Solbin will continue her career as an acting-dol (acting idol).

According to multiple broadcasting officials on July 13th, Solbin is discussing appearing in JTBC’s new drama “IDOL: THE COUP” that is scheduled to air in the second half of this year (2021).

“IDOL” is a drama about the last stories of fail-dols (failed idols) who need one success before disbanding. Earlier it was announced that Ahn Heeyeon (aka EXID’s Hani) was cast in this drama.

Solbin of Laboum, the girl group who originally released “Journey to Atlantis” that recently was remade by MSG Wannabe on the show “Hangout with Yoo,” is expected to complete the lineup of young, trendy stars. Solbin has appeared on JTBC’s “Solomon’s Perjury,” SBS’ “Nice Witch” and “Backstreet Rookie,” continuing her acting career as an acting-dol. Many are looking forward to her performance on “IDOL.”


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