Kwon Eunbi shares details of her solo debut

Kwon Eunbi, a former member of the group IZ*ONE, will go solo.

At 6 p.m. on the 9th, her agency Woollim Entertainment released a surprise poster of coming soon with Kwon Eun-bi’s official SNS opening.

The coming soon poster contains the English name of Kwon Eunbi in silver and a half-open door. The blue sky seen through the cracks of the door and the wide field of flowers marked the singer’s pleasant new start as she stood alone.

“COMING SOON 2021. 08.24,” which was written along with this, drew keen attention from global fans as Eunbi heralded her solo debut album on the 24th.

In particular, she is receiving even more enthusiastic responses as she announced her first album among IZ*ONE members and is preparing to stand on stage as a solo singer.

Eunbi, who was IZ*ONE’s leader, has become an all-rounder in the music industry, recognizing her outstanding dancing and singing skills. Since the end of IZ*ONE’s activities in April, she has been actively active as the MC of FashionN’s Follow Me-Taste.


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