JYP’s new girl group sells over 60,000 copies during pre-order period

The debut album of the new JYP girl group that will debut in February 2022, has achieved a pre-order volume of about 60,000 copies.

JYP opened a new SNS channel “JYPn” on the 8th and released a mysterious video for the first time. On the 9th, the company released additional posters introducing ‘Blind Package’ and announced the birth of a new girl group. Blind Package is the debut single of the new group, and under the slogan “GRAB YOUR FUTURE,” it was able to be pre-ordered on various domestic and foreign music sites for just 10 days from July 16 to 25.

The blind package surpassed 39,545 pre-orders in five days from the 16th to the 20th, and achieved 61,667 pre-orders in the full ten days that ended on the 25th. In particular, they made significant records as they reached the top of daily charts on major online music sales sites such as Hot Tracks as of the 16th and 18th, Interpark on the 17th, and Yes24 on the 18th and 19th. This was a remarkable achievement as they have not released any information. JYP has realized the explosive expectation of the “next-generation K-pop representative girl group.”

The blind package will be sent out at the time of the group’s debut in February 2022 and will consist of limited-time CDs, photo books, photo cards, posters, premium membership cards, and random polaroids. In addition, a separate event will be held after the debut through a lottery among buyers with premium membership cards, providing special benefits to fans who have recognized the possibility of ‘n’ and supported them.

JYP has established the Artist 4 headquarters for the 2022 New Girl Group and is working hard on their debut project. The Artist 4 headquarters is a dream team that casts and trains JYP’s key figures such as Sunmi, Nichkhun, Sana, Jihyo, Tzuyu, Young K, Hyunjin, Felix, and others. They are expected to continue the success story of JYP girl groups, which have been proven by Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY, by adding their attempts and developments to their know-how that has been developed over the years.

Meanwhile, during the blind package sales period, JYP released a video featuring the silhouettes of the members through the JYPn channel. The members in the video have amplified the curiosity of global fans as they are singing or showing powerful choreography without revealing their identity. “JYPn,” which was introduced by Artist 4 Headquarters, has many meanings such as next, now, new, and unknown “n,” and will convey more than expected waves with infinite possibilities.


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