JYP reveals member Kyujin of their new girl group

JYP Entertainment announced the appearance of the “K-pop Dark Horse” in the cover video of Kyujin, a member of a new girl group, which will debut in February 2022.

JYP recently posted its first promotional video of Cardi B’s “Press” dance cover on its new YouTube channel “JYPn” and unveiled new girl group members Genie, Jiwoo, and Kyujin for the first time

As of the 16th, about a month after JYPn’s official YouTube channel was opened, the cumulative number of views such as the first promotional video, personal cover content of Genie and Seol Yoon, and behind-the-scenes clips exceeded 5 million views. In addition, the members Genie, Jiwoo, Kyujin, and Seol Yoon, who have been unveiled so far, are showing off their skills in singing, dancing skills, and visuals, and the success story of JYP’s girl groups is expected to gain more momentum.

Earlier in July, under the slogan “GRAB YOUR FUTURE,” the debut album “Blind Package,” which was sold on domestic and foreign music sites for 10 days, achieved 61,667 pre-orders despite not sharing any information about the group.

JYPn, which means various meanings such as next, now, new, and unknown ‘n’, is expected to bring a new wind to the K-pop market by conveying a strong wave with endless possibilities.


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