JYP Entertainment reveals 3 members of their new girl group

The new girl group will debut in February 2022 by JYP Entertainment.

JYP posted a dance cover featuring the new girl group members on the new YouTube channel “JYPn” at midnight on the 6th. Earlier in July, under the slogan “GRAB YOUR FUTURE,” the new girl group’s debut album, which was sold on various domestic and foreign music sites for just 10 days, drew attention with 61,667 pre-orders.

The three members that feature on the cover are Jinni, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. They are said to be enough to reaffirm JYP’s reputation as a “girl group’s masterpiece”. The three members performed a unique and powerful performance to Cardi B’s “Press.”

Wearing pink training pants, Jinni showed her fresh charm with a unique mask, while Jiwoo, who has her hair done in a ponytail, drew attention by showing her cute appearance and powerful dance skills at the same time. Kyujin, wearing khaki pants and pigtails, showed off the possibility of the next “stage master” with skillful facial expressions and gestures.

Their new girl group that is currently being named “JYPn” is expected to showcase “n” infinite possibilities, meaning next, now, new, and unknown “n”.


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