IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon to compete on Mnet’s dance survival show “Street Woman Fighter”

Singer Lee Chaeyeon will appear on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter.”

On July 12th, her agency said WM Entertainment said, “Chaeyeon will join Mnet’s female dance crew survival program ‘Street Woman Fighter’ as a crew member.”

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter,” which is scheduled to premiere on August 24th, is Mnet’s first female dance crew survival program, with eight dance crews representing Korea competing to win the No. 1 global K-Dance Crew throne.

Chaeyeon will compete as a part of the Avengers dance crew “WANT” with hot star dancers, including 1MILLION dance studio star choreographer Hyojin Choi.

Chaeyeon, as the main dancer of IZ*ONE, has been gaining attention and receiving a lot of love for her outstanding performances and feather-like dance skills. Additionally, with various dance videos revealed through broadcasts or online, she has received lots of attention as the next generation’s performance queen.

In particular, the news of the appearance has raised many expectations following her dance cover of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” as her first activity since IZ*ONE’s disbandment.

Meanwhile, Lee Chaeyeon’s full-fledged activities can be seen on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter,” which will premiere on August 24th.


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