ITZY to debut in Japan

ITZY has confirmed its official debut in Japan and is stepping up its global trend.

JYP Entertainment told local media on the morning of the 1st “Global girl group ITZY, which is receiving worldwide attention, will debut in the Japanese music market through Warner Music Japan.”

In addition, they will debut with the Japanese digital album “What’s ITZY”. The album contains title songs that have achieved five consecutive hits, including “ICY”, “Wannabe”, “NOT SHY”, and “In the Morning”, starting with their debut song “DALLA DALLA”.

Announcements regarding their future Japanese activities will be shared through their Japanese accounts from here on out. As of now, the date of ITZY’s Japanese debut has not yet been announced.

The girl group will release their first full album “Crazy in Love” and title track “Loco” on September 24.


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