HYBE responds to rumors that Sakura has joined the company

Amidst rumors that Miyawaki Sakura (23) will go to Korea, rumors that she will join HYBE have started again.

On the 19th, a media outlet reported that Miyawaki Sakura will fly to Korea on the 23rd and is expected to discuss her contract with HYBE.

HYBE briefly told News 1 on the same day, “We can’t confirm details of artist’s contract. We ask for your understanding.”

This is not the first time that she was rumored to join the company. In March this year, just before the end of IZ*ONE activities, there was a rumor that Sakura was going to sign a contract (at the time the company was named Big Hit Entertainment), but they denied that it had been decided.

Meanwhile, the singer participated in Mnet’s ‘Produce a 48’ and debuted as part of IZ*ONE. Since then, the group activities ended in April this year, and she graduated from HKT48 in June.


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