Girls Planet 999 unveils the TOP9 for 5th episode

Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999”, which aired on the 3rd, announced the first survivors and elimination ceremony.

The girls, who carried out the mission together and connected into one cell, wrote letters to each other and showed friendship ahead of the announcement of their first elimination. In particular, they cried together while talking in Korean despite their different nationalities

The first survival announcement was a way for three girls from Korea, China and Japan to survive or be eliminated together. A total of 17 cells out of 33 survived.

Yeo Jingoo said, “In two weeks in 164 countries around the world, the total number of votes was 39.36 million. The five teams that won the first mission, the Connect mission, will receive benefits in the global vote.”

The TOP9 chosen by Planet Guardians (fans) are:

1 Kawaguchi Yurina 🇯🇵
2 Shen Xiao Ting 🇨🇳
3 Ezaki Hikaru 🇯🇵
4 Choi Yujin 🇰🇷
5 Sakamoto Mashiro 🇯🇵
6 Su Rui Qi 🇨🇳
7 Cai Bing 🇨🇳
8 Kang Ye Seo 🇰🇷
9 Kim Chae Hyun 🇰🇷

Girl’s Planet airs every Friday at 8:20 p.m.


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