Girls Planet 999 receives over 3 million votes in first 24 hours

The first global vote for Mnet’s global project “Girls Planet 999” has finally begun.

In the second episode of the show on the 13th (Friday), 33 cells consisting of a total of three girls from each country were completed, announcing the start of the first mission.

At the same time, global viewer voting began on the “UNIVERSE” app, the official platform of “Girls Planet 999.” According to the NCsoft Universe, a total of 3.72 million votes were counted, with voting participating in 157 countries including Asia, the United States and Europe for 24 hours from the start of voting. The vote will be held in two ways: a cell vote that determines the survival of participants and a personal vote that determines the TOP9 candidates.

First, access the voting screen and select the three cells you want to support. Afterwards, three people from each group of K, C, and J can be selected and a total of nine people can vote individually. The results of the vote are reflected in the ratio of 50% in Korea and 50% in all other global regions, and all the votes counted are converted into scores and applied.

The first global vote will be held until 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 28, Korean time.

Meanwhile, the first “connect mission” to determine the elimination of 16 out of 33 cells has been unveiled.

The mission song were also released. The four songs, which double the number of votes, are “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK, “FIESTA” by IZ*ONE, “The Fifth Season” by OH MY GIRL, and “YES or YES” by TWICE. The mission songs, which triple the number of votes, are EXO’s “The Eve,” BTS’ “MIC Drop,” and SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U.”

“Girl Planet 999,” which has been forming a fandom since its first broadcast, airs every Friday night on Mnet at 8:20 p.m.


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