Former Nine Muses’s Sera shares she has been receiving treatment for ADHD

Former 9Muses’ Sera shared she has been receiving treatment for ADHD and encourages others to take the necessary tests to get help and the correct treatment.

Ryu Sera, a former member of the girl group Nine Muses, shared she has been undergoing psychological treatment.

Ryu Sera posted on her Instagram on the 15 and said, “I went to a big hospital, at the recommendation of writer Hyun Jin. I kept reminding myself that I shouldn’t solely rely on medicine, but I was afraid I was neglecting my treatment and would regret it. So, this is the final decision I made. It has been two years since I was diagnosed with panic disorder and depression, and it has been four months since I have been receiving treatment for ADHD. The day has come wherein replacement of most of my medicine, I communicate with a psychologist instead. I wanted to let you know of something that I discovered, in case it might be helpful to anyone. Sometimes, people with symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders only receive treatment for depression due to their anxiety. But I strongly advise you to get tested for both disorders”.

Ryu Sera recently appeared on MBN’s “Miss Baek” where she said she was suffering from panic disorder.


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