EXID’s Hani reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19

Actress and singer Hani (Ahn Heeyeon) reportedly confirmed to have COVID-19.

According to SpoTV News’ report on July 20th, Hani recently received a COVID-19 test after a staff member tested positive and she received a confirmed test results on this day.

When the staff member who came in close contact with Hani tested positive, she immediately examined herself with a self-test kit and received positive results. She later received a PCR test and got a positive result again.

Hani positive results have also put people related to her drama “IDOL” on alert. Her COVID-19 confirmation is expected to affect her co-stars and related staff.

“Idol” staff entered an emergency meeting after Hani’s positive test results. The cast and related staff who came in contact with Hani are to be tested for COVID-19 as well.

Hani, who has received much love as a popular idol and EXID member, has recently been active as an actress.

We wish Hani a speedy recovery.


Image source: SpoTV News

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