EXID’s Hani cast in new idol drama

EXID’s Hani has been cast in a new drama.

Hani will appear in JTBC’s new drama “IDOL (IDOL: The Coup).” The drama tells the last story of failed idols who need just one success to disband. The drama aims to air in the second half of 2021.

The idol turned actress Hani plays the role of Kim Jena, an idol who is in her 6th year of debut as part of failed group Cotton Candy. Other notable roles in the drama include the cold-hearted CEO of Cotton Candy’s agency – Starpeace – and a well-debuted trendy idol in the company.

“IDOL” is a story about youth who proudly give up on their dreams. It’s a very special farewell story for those who cannot leave behind their failed dreams. It will show a side of youth of this era, who have been striving for their dreams and continue to fail and then challenge themselves with the growth of daring to dream another dream without any regret.

Many are keenly anticipating this new drama which is a combined effort of an exciting cast and experienced director and production crew.


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