Ex IZ*ONE member Jo Yuri will make her solo debut

Jo Yuri announced on September 24 her solo debut.

Her company announced “Singer Jo Yuri will release her first single ‘Glassy’ on October 7th and start her solo career in earnest.”

In addition, the concept poster was released through the official SNS channel to warm up for the comeback. The released photo contains Jo Yuri and glass shoes that exude an elegant atmosphere with dress styling, further raising questions about the solo single Glassy.

“Glassy” is a single that contains her charm, who made her first step as a solo artist from the main vocalist of girl group IZ*ONE. The title song of the single name and the same name is a dance-pop genre that combines cheerful and catchful melodies with the singer’s attractive voice, and contains her color that shines transparently anywhere.


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