Dreamcatcher’s “BEcause” music video surpasses 10 million views

Dreamcatcher’s “BEcause” music video surpasses 10 million views

The chilling summer song of the group Dreamcatcher captivated the hearts of fans.

The music video for Dreamcatcher’s special mini album “Summer Holiday” titled “BECAUSE” surpassed 10 million views on YouTube on the 1st, two days after its release.

The title song “BEcause” is a song about the obsession caused by love that has grown too much.

Dreamcatcher’s special mini-album ‘Summer Holiday’, released on the 30th, is a special gift-like album prepared by Dreamcatcher, who wrapped up the “Dystopia” series with the previous work, ‘Dystopia: Road to Utopia’.

In particular, the title song “BEcause” not only topped the Bugs’ real-time chart right after its release but also set a record as all the tracks charted. It also made a successful comeback by quickly entering Melon’s latest 24Hits chart.

The music video currently has surpassed 11 million views and the album “Summer Holiday” has sold over 48,000 copies in two days.


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