CLC’s Yujin, Cherry Bullet members, & FANATICS’ Doah among “Girls Planet 999” contestants

Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” has revealed the participants.

On July 8th, Mnet released a teaser film and poster with the faces of the 99 participants of “Girls Planet 999.”

“Girls Planet 999” is a program with participants from three countries – Korea, China and Japan – with all competing to be chosen as part of a girl group that will be active in the global music market. Actor Yeo Jingoo will appear as host (“Planet Master”), and Sunmi and Tiffany Young will feature to help participants as “K-pop Masters.”

The teaser film released today showcased the show participants with refreshing and pure charms walking in a dreamy forest. Among them were idols who have already debuted, most notably CLC’s Yujin, Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon, Bora, May, BVNDIT’s Seungeun, and FANATICS’ Doah.

The poster shows the contestants from all three countries in a mysterious atmosphere as if they gathered on a planet in the center of the universe.

The production team said, “Starting next week, stages featuring 33 participants from each culture will be showcased, followed by a version of the stage with all 99 participants.”

The program will premiere on August 6th at 8:20pm KST. It will be broadcast live not only through Mnet but also through foreign platforms such as YouTube.


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