CL to kick off first full-length album with single release on August 24th

CL confirms today her comeback on August 24th and kicks off the project for her first solo studio album “ALPHA.”

At midnight on August 13th, the album cover art and comeback scheduler of “ALPHA” were released on CL’s official SNS channel.

CL, who showed intense charisma as magma erupts through the previously released comeback teaser video, is drawing attention with a futuristic mood. The scheduler, which was released together, features impressive finger poses featuring CL and a three-month new song release schedule.

“ALPHA” release schedule

According to scheduler, CL will release the first single of the “ALPHA” project on August 24th, her second single in September, and her full-length album in October.

As “ALPHA” is CL’s first solo full-length album in more than 13 years since her debut, it intends to present new songs so that it can take enough time to convey the meaning of the album. CL has been paving the way for herself and her solo career, starting with the mini album “In the Name of Love” released in 2019, “+HWA+,” and “+5STAR+” released last year, and “Wish You Were Here” released in February this year.

What message CL wants to convey through “ALPHA” and her first single will be revealed on August 24th.


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