Chungha chosen as the new model for Wanna Lab

Solo artist Chungha will be the new face of a healthcare brand.

“Chungha has been selected as an exclusive advertising model for ‘Wanna Burning Diet,’ the flagship product of healthcare brand Wanna Lab,” said MNH Entertainment on the 4th.

Attention is also focused on the brand video released through Wanna Lab’s official SNS. In the video, Chungha instantly reversed the mood and drew attention through a cool and thrilling performance. The powerful choreography with the angle and the music completed with Chungha’s voice also left a strong impression.

In the video, Chungha proved her unique presence as a solo artist by showing a variety of charms through her intense eyes that seemed to swallow the camera. The video, which reminds you of a music video, and the commercial images, can be found on Wanna Lab’s official website and SNS channel.


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