Choi Yena will try acting for the first time

The singer Yena will try her hand at acting for the first time.

On the 7th, the agency said, “Choi Yena was cast in tvN DSTUDIO’s original web drama ‘The World of My 17’.”

“The World of My 17” (directed by Jung Jonghoon) is the story of the growth of friendship with Nari, the 18-year-old protagonist. It tells the lovely story of school days when girls and friends who welcomed the 18th world for the first time, such as first love, dreams, and friendship, were all of their world.

“The World of My 17 2” is based on Naver Webtoon, which became the talk of the town, which topped the Monday webtoon at the start of the season 2 series. At the time of season 1, Nari and her friends became Naver V Original’s third ’10 million web drama’ with lovely chemistry and highly immersive empathic episodes.

The web drama will be unveild this December.


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