Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon cast in musical “Klimt”

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon has challenged herself to star in a musical.

The musical “Klimt: Into The Time of His Soul” is a work that tells the story of love published and pathetic by Gustav Klimt, an artist who challenged novelty against the flow of the times. It is expected that Klimt, which has been well-known even before the performance, will be able to confirm the true value of Artcal (Art-Musical), which is enjoyed with eyes and ears.

In the play, Haeyoon plays the role of Gustav Klimt’s lover Emily Fleuge. Emily Fleuge is the woman Gustav loved the most during his lifetime, and his signature work Kiss is also known as a gift for Emily Fleuge.

The musical “Klimt: Into That Soul’s Time,” starring Haeyoon, will begin from October 12 to March 1, 22.


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