Brave Girls’ agency to take legal action against malicious comments

Brave Girls’ agency to take legal action against malicious comments.

On June 28th, Brave Entertainment announced that they would take legal action against people spreading malicious posts about the members of Brave Girls.

“Hello. This is Brave Entertainment.

Recently we have taken notice that there have been posts with defamatory comments, spreading of groundless false information, personal attacks and more damaging our artist’s image.

We have finished compiling the first round of evidence and we will take legal action with a law firm to protect our artists.

From now on we plan to take legal action regularly for malicious actions against our agency’s artists such as malicious slander, circulation of false information, personal attacks, etc. through continuous monitoring and tips.

If you find violations such as malicious attacks about our agency’s artists, please send tips to Brave Entertainment’s official account for legal action.

“We will always work hard to protect our artists. Thank you.”

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