Brave Girls test negative for COVID-19 but have decided to end activities

Brave Girls has decided to end their activities for their new album “Summer Queen”.

Brave Girls’ agency, Brave Entertainment, said on the 8th that all members of Brave Girls were tested negative in response to the recent spread of COVID-19 and decided to wrap up their activities regardless of the test results.

“We are waiting at home for the results of some related staff tests,” he said. “We will not perform the follow-up song “Pool Party,” which was scheduled to be held after the end of the title song “Chi Mat Ba Ram.”

They said, “We would like to thank the fans and officials for their concern, and we will continue to follow the quarantine guidelines of the health authorities for the health and safety of our artists.”

The group temporarily suspended its activities after an external staff member who previously participated in the Brave Girls schedule was confirmed to be COVID-19. The agency conducted a preliminary test on Brave Girls and they tested negative. However, Brave Girls has decided to cancel their activities and began self-quarantine.

Brave Girls recently returned with their fifth mini-album “Summer Queen”.


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