Brave Girls cancels offline fanmeeting “Summer Queen Party”

The group Brave Girls will cancel the offline fan meeting scheduled for the 25th and only host it online.

Brave Entertainment, the agency, announced on the 16th the cancellation of the offline fanmeeting of “SUMMER QUEEN PARTY.”

Initially, Brave Girls was scheduled to perform offline and stream online live at KBS Arena Hall on the 25th. However, following government guidelines after the spread of COVID-19, eventually they decided to cancel the offline fanmeeting and will instead meet with fans through live streaming. The company said it will refund the offline tickets.

Brave Entertainment said, “With the recent rapid spread of COVID-19, the number of confirmed cases has increased and the social distancing level has been upgraded to level four, making it impossible to perform at KBS Arena, which is classified as an indoor sports facility.” However, the meeting with the fans will be held online, not postponed or canceled. “In addition, live broadcasts of “2021 Brave Girls 1st Fan Meeting [SUMMER QUUEEN PARTY]” will be held simultaneously at CGV nationwide.”


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