BLACKPINK will release the photobook “Summer Diary”

BLACKPINK will release the photobook “Summer Diary”

The season’s greetings “Summer Diary” will be released to mark the fifth anniversary of BLACKPINK’s debut.

“BLACKPINK 5th ANNIVERSARY [4+1] 2021 SUMMER DIARY,” which started pre-sale at 2 p.m. on the 28th, consists of DVD and photo book packages.

Before the 5th anniversary of their debut on August 8, you can vividly see BLACKPINK’s lovely appearance after spending a meaningful summer in Everland, the Land of Dreams and Fantasy. YG explained that the members had a dream-like time and made good memories.

The photo book included in the DVD version shows the members’ bubbly charm. In addition, various configurations such as mini-books, mousepads, 4-cut photos, photo cards, and top loaders, Polaroid sets, graphic stickers, and special coasters are expected to be popular among fans.

Kit videos have also been specially produced and are being pre-sold in the same way as DVD versions. A kit is a new form of media that allows users to watch high-definition video on TV through smart devices and cell phone mirroring. The package includes Air KiT, a postcard set, a photo stand, a graphic sticker set, a polaroid set, and a magnet set, which contain full video and photo behind-the-scenes in Everland.

The pre-sale of “Black Pink 2021 Summer Diary,” which was filmed and produced safely in compliance with the COVID-19 prevention rules, will run until August 24. You can meet them at YG SELECT and other online and offline music stores on August 25.


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