BLACKPINK will participate in Paris Fashion Week

Group BLACKPINK heads to Paris Fashion Week.

It has been confirmed that the BLACKPINK members (Lisa, Jenny, Jisoo, and Rose) will leave for Paris, France, at 1:20 p.m. on the 25th. BLACKPINK members will leave for Paris to attend the 2022 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week. However, due to some changes in Jenny’s schedule, it has not been confirmed that she will go on her way to the country with the other members.

The 2022 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week, which will be held in Paris, France from the 27th to the 5th of next month, is the world’s most prestigious and influential fashion show and is held twice a year.

BLACKPINK is currently the hottest female idol group in the world. Each member is a global ambassador for the world’s leading luxury brands.
Jisoo was chosen by Dior, Lisa by Celine, Rose by Saint Laurent, and Jenny by Chanel. These are all global ambassadors, not ambassadors in each country or region, representing brands around the world. Each member of BLACKPINK is expected to attend each brand schedule where they are active as ambassadors.


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