Apink’s Naeun cast in new drama

Apink’s Naeun to appear in new drama.

Her agency YG Entertainment revealed on July 2nd that, “Son Naeun will appear in ‘Ghost Doctor.’ “

“Ghost Doctor” is a ghost medical drama about two doctors who are polar opposites in background, abilities, and personality and who eventually combine their spirits and bodies. It tells a heartwarming story of ghost doctors who can’t leave their patients’ side or the hospital even after death.

Son Naeun plays Oh Soojung, an emergency room intern in “Ghost Doctor.” Oh Soojung is a girl who believes in supernatural phenomena, miracles, and fantasies in contrast to medical science. She wants to be a cardiothoracic surgeon even with her family’s opposition.

Son Naeun is expected to be active in acting after starring in JTBC’s “No Longer Human,” set to air this year, and now being cast in “Ghost Doctor.” She also recently signed to YG Entertainment as an actress. Many are keenly anticipating her role as a medical intern and her future acting career.

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