AOA’s Chanmi confirmed to star in rom-com

AOA’s Chanmi to star in a movie.

In the afternoon of June 29th, FNC Entertainment said, “Chanmi is confirmed to appear in the movie ‘A Different Girl’ (literal title) and is currently filming.”

“A Different Girl” is a romantic comedy directed by Kim Jinyoung, who has directed past movies like “Baby & Me,” “Fortune Salon” (2009), “Clash of the Families” (2011), “Love Clinique” (2012), and “Clash of the Families 2/Enemies In-Law (2015).”

This is Chanmi’s first big screen casting. Fans are looking forward to the chemistry between Chanmi and co-star VIXX’s Hyuk.

Meanwhile, ‘A Different Girl’ is currently filming and the exact release date has not been decided.

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