aespa chosen as new models for EIDER

Group aespa has been selected as a new advertiser models for outdoor brand Eider.

It is aespa’s first outdoor advertising model activity, which is emerging as a trendsetter by dominating music charts at home and abroad, raising expectations from fans.

Eider said aespa’s unrivaled personality and confident charm matched the direction and outdoor style that the brand wanted to move forward this season, so they were appointed as a new advertising model. Through synergy with the group, which leads the trend of young people, it will strengthen communication with the new generation and showcase trendy outdoor style without hesitation.

“aespa, which has a unique atmosphere and distinct personality, will express outdoor looks that suit the generation who want to have their own style and add new vitality to consumers and brands. As it is the group’s first outdoor brand ad model, we are preparing a variety of styles that we have not seen before,” said an Eider official.

Meanwhile, the girl group has received a lot of love by many for the single “Next Level” released in May.


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